stations of the cross companion guide

 [This devotional booklet is included as part of the Stations of the Cross Graphic Art Series in our Holy Week Bundle of resources. If you’re interested in purchasing the companion guide separately, choose one of the licensing options below based on how many copies you wish to print for your church/community.]

 The Stations of the Cross is an ancient meditative pilgrimage inviting the spiritually hungry to walk the “Way of Sorrows” with Jesus to his death on Calvary hill. Traditionally depicted in fourteen visuals, the Stations highlight pivotal moments in Jesus’ final hours.

This graphic art rendition of the Stations by Lauren Wright Pittman nods to tradition while imagining Jesus’ journey toward crucifixion through a modern lens.

In twelve black and white images, this series condenses the version Pope John Paul II introduced on Good Friday in 1991. Stripped down and textured, these visuals highlight the metaphorical and emotional layers of Jesus’ journey toward his last breaths.

This Devotional Booklet includes scripture, visual prompts, an artist reflection, and a prayer for each Station. Final page includes prompts for group discussion or individual reflection on the Stations as a whole.

PRINTING INFO: Print the devotional on 8.5x11 sheets to fold into an 8.5 x 5.5 booklet. Print the PDF under landscape orientation, double-sided, and choose "short edge to short edge," "flip to short edge," or "head to head" for the correct layout. The PDF is arranged so that you can easily fold the pages in half, staple or bind them down the middle, and voila! You have a beautiful devotional. If printing is not possible for you, please contact us for a version which can be securely shared with church members to view on a tablet, phone, or computer.