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What if the Church once again became the primary patron of the arts?

Yes, we recognize there's more than a few centuries worth of history, complexity and nuance in that statement, BUT, as the Church grows into her identity in this new era, we hope she will partner with artists and creatives as much as possible to help lead the way in these reformation times. 

We hope that offering our resources for purchase can be a beautiful exchange: we support you with our art and resources and you honor our time, energy, and creative expertise in return. Through this business model, we operate with a mindset of creative abundance instead of scarcity. Your support and purchases allow us to focus our time and energy into creating, instead of fundraising so that we can create. 

We are NOT interested in selling products for mindless consumption. We create resources to empower you to get creative in your unique context. We create so that YOU will create.

Creativity begets creativity, after all.

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We are NOT interested in selling products for mindless consumption. We create resources to empower you to get creative in your unique context. We create so that YOU will create.

We offer tiered pricing for our resource bundles

We package our resources into bundles to equip you with comprehensive and cohesive materials for a whole liturgical season or worship series. To make our resources accessible to churches of all sizes, we offer tiered pricing and invite you to pay the amount that best fits your budget. We hope this pricing model makes our resources accessible to churches with smaller budgets, but also allows for larger churches to give more generously. Each resource is also available separately. If you have very limited funds, you could also purchase a few of the individual resources “à la carte.” Additionally, we fill our blog with free content, ideas, and inspiration that we hope is valuable to you.

Want to become an institutional patron?

While we have priced our resources for individuals, churches, and faith communities to purchase directly, we are delighted when an institutional body wants to purchase our resources on behalf of the individual churches, parishes, or congregations within their district (presbytery, diocese, conference, etc.). What a beautiful and generous way to support and resource your congregations! If you’d like to become an institutional patron, here’s the process:

1) If you are interested in a particular resource bundle, we can offer you the lowest tiered bundle price (regardless of church sizes) and offer a 15% off bulk discount. For example, if you want to purchase the bundle for 20 individual congregations and the lowest tiered price is $150, then that’s $150 x 20=$3,000–$450 (15% off)=$2,550. If you can’t afford to purchase the entire bundle, then we can apply the 15% off bulk discount to any individual resources instead. (Pro tip: For a basic foundation, you might consider purchasing the words for worship and the sermon planning guide to offer your ministry leaders liturgy and preaching materials following a thematic arc throughout a season. You could also point them to our blog for additional free content and ideas.)

2) To become an institutional patron, we ask that you send us a contact list including the first/last name and email for each leader of the smaller church bodies for whom you are purchasing resources. Please send this contact list as a CSV file, Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) or Google spreadsheet.

3) We’ll send you a contract agreement and an official invoice with a direct link to make the payment.

4) Once the payment is made and you’ve sent us your contact list, we’ll communicate with the smaller church bodies about how to access and implement the SA resources. We will handle the distribution of the SA resource files directly with the smaller church bodies.

Want to get started? Reach out using the form below: