[This resource is one of many included in the Our Money Story Stewardship Bundle]


The best stories captivate and transform us—they change how we live. This stewardship season, we invite you to remember, release, reimagine, and restore your money stories so that we can write the one God is begging us to live into. Using art, poetry, text study prompts, and journaling prompts, this study journal digs deep into eight scriptures to help us live more fully into God's story. You can complete the journal at the pace and order you wish—doing so on your own or with others in a small group.

What’s inside the Study Journal:

  • Prompts for writing and reflecting upon your money story

  • Weekly poems and journaling prompts inspired by our sub-themes: Remember, Release, Reimagine, & Restore

  • Eight scriptures that teach us about God’s money story. For each scripture, we include:

    • Visual art inspired by the text

    • An artist statement reflecting on how the scripture inspired the art

    • Prompts for visual meditation to engage the art

    • Text study prompts for individual or group reflection on the scripture

    • A short closing prayer


PRINTING INFO: Download includes both color and b/w versions of the study journal. Print the devotional on thirteen 8.5x11 (double-sided) pages to create an 8.5 x 5.5 booklet. The booklet is arranged so that you can easily fold the pages in half, staple or bind them down the middle, and voila! You have a beautiful study journal! If you are unable to print and distribute copies due to COVID-19, email us at after you place your order and we’ll send you a version for use on tablets and computers.


Please choose one of the licensing options below based on how many copies you wish to print for yourself and/or your community.