Lenten Visuals & Graphics (Year A)

Lenten Visuals & Graphics (Year A)


[This resource is one of many in our 2017 Lent Bundle]


Visuals & graphics by: Lisle Gwynn Garrity, Lauren Wright Pittman, & Hannah Garrity

A collection of 7 visuals and graphics to help you visually explore the season of Lent. All images are formatted for print and web so you can use them for projecting images and slides in worship, printing on bulletins and church publications, and advertising your worship on your website and online.

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Download includes:

  • files formatted for print
  • files formatted for web and projection
  • file including artist reflections and descriptions for each of the images so you can learn more about the imagery and its connections to scripture

Credit Info:

Specific credit info for images and graphics included in download. When printing and sharing online, please always include the following credits:
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