Lenten Prayer Collection

Lenten Prayer Collection


[This resource is one of many in our 2017 Lent Bundle]


Prayers written by: Sarah Are

This is a collection of 21 prayers for the season of Lent. Collection includes prayers of adoration/thanksgiving, confession, supplication and intercession. Some prayers are written in prose, others are poems in stanza form. Print and distribute these prayers for your congregation to encourage the spiritual practice of prayer throughout Lent, and/or adapt them for your worship (with credit). If you are a pastor, you may also use these words to inspire your own liturgy and sermons.

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Download includes:

  • PDF print-ready file of all prayers, organized by type of prayer (for you to distribute to members, or copy/paste for worship liturgy)

"God, circle back—

like breath inhaled,

like a memory unveiled,

like falling in love,

like arms wrapped in a hug.


God, circle back—

like the moon and the sun,

like the beat of my heart

or the seasons that come.


God, circle back.

Circle back and stay awhile.

Stay awhile and draw close.

God, circle back.

We need you the most."
—excerpt from prayer collection