Lent (Year A) Bundle of Creative Resources

This year, we enter Lent reminded of how important this season truly is. We need Lent. We need Lent because the world feels especially cold—the kind of cold that makes your heart hurt. We need Lent because brokenness has no end in sight, and we know we are part of the problem. We need Lent, because the dust of our mortality feels more like the dust of dirt than the stuff of stars. Lent is not just the season for giving something up. It’s an opportunity to lament and look inward. It’s an invitation to pause and regroup—to shake off old dust and take new steps.

As a creative team, we have crafted this bundle of resources to help you walk through the season of Lent with intention, reflection, and creativity. This bundle includes ALL of our Lenten resources. Read the description below to learn more about what's included.

We want to help the Church reclaim its role as one of the primary patrons of the arts. We consider your purchase a form of patronage to support our work and ministry. To make our resources accessible to congregations of all sizes, we offer tiered pricing on our bundles. Please choose the price below you are able to give. Your support makes our ministry possible!


Note: ALL RESOURCES ARE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. We offer our resources digitally to make them accessible worldwide and easy to put into action right away. We offer multiple formats so that you can customize our resources to your specific needs and context. Click the LEARN MORE buttons below to read about the files included in each download and access printing instructions (if applicable). Upon purchase, you will receive a link to a download. Download this file IMMEDIATELY, as this link expires within 24 hrs. The immediate download includes a password and link to a password-protected page where you can then access and download all of our Lenten resources whenever you need them throughout the season.

Companion Devotional Guide

Companion Devotional Guide

Companion Devotional Guide

Companion Devotional Guide

Lent Coloring Calendar

Lent Coloring Calendar

We have designed this Lenten Coloring Calendar and Companion Devotional Guide to help you build a daily rhythm of reading, reflecting, and coloring throughout the season of Lent. Using the Companion Devotional Guide, you are invited to read the daily scripture text (from the Reformed Common Lectionary Year A) in your preferred translation, and identify and color in the coordinating shape on the Coloring Calendar. 

As artists, we have written reflections on the daily scriptures and how the imagery inside the shapes are inspired by them. On Sundays (traditionally considered "Fast days" in Lent), we have included poem prayers by Sarah Are and prompts for Sabbath & weekly reflection. By Easter morning, you will have a fully-colored-in work of art documenting your journey through Lent. The completed, overall poster forms a resurrection image of the empty tomb from the smaller Lenten shapes and images.

2. "Back to Back" Brokenness Worship Film

This film blends visual and spoken poetry to offer a meditation on our communal and individual brokenness and how we can allow it to divide us, or we can harness it to deepen our empathy, connection, and compassion. We hope this film speaks to the deep divides wracking our nation and world while also inviting us all to look more carefully at ourselves and others during this Lenten season.

3. "A Fast for Justice" Worship Meditation Film

This film blends visual and spoken poetry from Joel 2 and Isaiah 58 to offer a meditation on how to cultivate our spiritual practices into faithful action during the Lenten season. Beginning with the darkness and gloom imagery from Joel 2, the painting shifts to show how, when we fast for justice, our light breaks open into the darkness like the dawn of a new day.

We hope this film offers a fresh way of hearing these ancient prophecies, while inviting meditation on our spiritual practices and how we are to work for the justice and well-being of all God’s people.

A collection of 8 coloring posters inspired by Lenten scriptures and stories, these illustrations are perfect for children, youth, and adults to cultivate the spiritual practices of reflection, meditation, and coloring throughout Lent. 

Purchase includes files for printing all 8 coloring posters in three size options: 8.5x11, 11x17, and 24x36

A collection of 7 visuals and graphics to help you visually explore the season of Lent. All images are formatted for print and web so you can use them for projecting images and slides in worship, printing on bulletins and church publications, and advertising your worship on your website and online.

This is a collection of 21 prayers for the season of Lent. Collection includes prayers of adoration/thanksgiving, confession, supplication and intercession. Some prayers are written in prose, others are poems in stanza form. Print and distribute these prayers for your congregation to encourage the spiritual practice of prayer throughout Lent, and/or adapt them for your worship (with credit). If you are a pastor, you may also use these words to inspire your own liturgy and sermons.

7. Easter Banner Designs

This pair of banner designs offer a powerful image of the the empty tomb and symbolize how Jesus’ resurrection transforms the brokenness of the world. Use these designs to create unique worship art to share the beauty and mystery of the resurrection. There are several ways you can bring these hand-drawn designs to life in your congregation (from simply coloring them to cutting them into intricate paper lace banners). Written step-by-step instructions and video tutorial included to help you choose the creative option to best fit your needs and context.

"The inside of the tomb represents the struggle, pain, sin, and brokenness in the world. I was drawn to portray how the struggle is all there, but is transformed by Jesus' resurrection. After Easter, the brokenness is still there, but as present-day disciples, we join Jesus to work to take it all away, knowing that God can conquer all brokenness, including death. The left and right images are from Jesus' point of view. On the left we see through his eyes looking out of the tomb, seeing the path of new life that lies ahead. The right banner imagines that Jesus has climbed out of the tomb and is looking back into it, seeing the pain that remains in the world that must be transformed and eradicated with our help."
—Hannah Garrity