Pentecost Bundle of Creative Resources

All were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, ‘What does this mean?’
— Acts 2:12

Pentecost truly is an event filled with amazement and mystery, unity and disarray, beauty and terror. Many of us celebrate the birthday of the church by draping red fabric across our chancels and down our sanctuary aisles, and by addressing the Holy Spirit more prominently in our worship prayers. Perhaps even more than other liturgical holidays, we crave visual, tangible, and creative ways to re-enact this wondrous event.

Based on the Revised Common Lectionary texts for Pentecost Sunday, these resources illuminate the themes of Pentecost with visuals, movement, color, and form. They are designed to welcome all—young and old, visual and kinesthetic learners, artists and non-artists alike—to enter into the text in new, transformative ways.

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What's included in the bundle: 

1. Pentecost Coloring Poster Collection

 A collection of 3 hand-drawn coloring posters inspired by the imagery of the Pentecost story, these designs are perfect for children, youth, and adults of all ages to feel the Spirit let loose through color, community, and creativity. Print the designs to invite members of all ages to create art together in honor of a Spirit that spreads like wildfire and pours out like water on all people.

Download includes a pdf with artist reflections and a short visio divina lesson for you to guide small groups in a contemplative practice of "divine seeing" using the images and scripture.

Designs formatted for print as 8.5x11, 11x17, and 24x36 coloring posters. Click the button below for printing information.

"My prayer is that, on Pentecost, we will not only hear the Spirit move and dance about us like a mighty wind, but will also hear Jesus’ voice whispering peace into our minds, hands, and hearts."
—Sarah Are, "Peace" graphic image

“I was struck by the elemental nature of the imagery in the Pentecost narrative. . . I thought of this experience as a collision of foundational symbols of our faith: fire, wind, and water.”
—Lauren Wright Pittman, "Breath & Fire" graphic icon

This is a pair of graphics for Pentecost, one inspired by Acts 2:1-21, and the other inspired by John 20:19. Download includes files for print and web so you can use them for projecting images and slides in worship, printing on bulletins, study materials, church publications, and advertising your worship on your website and online.

'Til the Bird Flies Home is a short poem reflecting on the startling peace Jesus offers, even after death. What does peace feel like? How do we hold it, share it, and set it free? We encourage you to offer this poetry as spoken word in your worship.

"In a world that so strongly lacks peace, I was drawn to Jesus' words from the gospel of John—included in this year’s lectionary for Pentecost. These words of peace are some of Jesus' first words immediately following his crucifixion. On the tail end of violence, Jesus still whispers peace—and not once, but over and over again, speaking directly to the disciples’ fears."
—Sarah Are

There is no better season than the weeks leading up to Pentecost to welcome the Holy Spirit with art, preparing a beautiful space for God’s presence. These two designs, inspired by Pentecost imagery in Acts 2:1-21, capture the energy and wildness of the Holy Spirit let loose like a wildfire and poured out like water upon all people. There are several ways you can bring these hand-drawn designs to life in your congregation as coloring posters, painted banners and paper lace cut out banners. Click the button below to learn more about creative options.

In these ink meditations, artist Hannah Garrity explores the interplay between the three persons of the Trinity. Fluid and free, these abstract dancing figures express movement, intimacy, and connection. 

Download includes a pdf with artist reflections and a short visio divina lesson for you to guide small groups in a contemplative practice of "divine seeing" using the images.

“The concept of the perichoresis, three human figures representing the trinity in an equal dance, draws me in. . . In these meditations on Trinity, I was moved to use the style of Chinese brush painting. Working in ink on watercolor paper, my goal was to represent the movement in each trio of dancers' bodies using only one brush stroke per dancer. For me, the result is contemplative and beautiful, simple and strong.”
—Hannah Garrity

supplementary resource for pentecost

(Not included in Pentecost Bundle Above)

"Before the Fire" Time lapse Worship Film & Visual

In this short time lapse film, watch the story of Pentecost emerge. Download includes both the worship film and the final visual, "Before the Fire" formatted for print and projection.

“Red flames and divided tongues of fire—these are the images we are quick to associate with Pentecost. But we can’t forget that, before the Spirit moved through fire and varied languages, She showed up in a howling, violent wind. This piece highlights the disorienting, disruptive force of wind that rips through those who have gathered from every nation, turning what they believed to be just another pilgrimage festival into an event after which everything has changed. Perhaps the work of the Spirit is always just as disorienting as it is unifying, as terrifying as it is beautiful.”

—Lisle Gwynn Garrity