[This resource is one of many included in our Full to the Brim Lent Bundle for Year C]


Beginning with Ash Wednesday and continuing through Easter Sunday, use these daily devotional cards to expand and deepen your spiritual walk through Lent. Day by day, may these prayers remind you of God’s expansive love that fills us to the brim.

You might place the stack of devotional cards by your bed to read first thing in the morning or right before you sleep at night. Display the cards that resonate with you the most so you continue to see their reminders. Perhaps use the cards as prompts to journal and reflect, either on your own or as part of a small group. The reminders and prayers are especially great for middle & high school youth, college students, and young adults.

PRINTING INFO: Download includes a full color PDF. Either print the daily devotional cards on 8.5x11 sheets of card stock to cut down, or print them on this perforated paper so you can easily tear the sheets into cards. Print the PDF under portrait orientation, double-sided, and choose "long edge to long edge," or "flip to long edge," for the correct layout. When printed double-sided, there are twelve sheets with four cards each. Cut or tear the sheets into 48 devotional cards per person.

***If you wish to share the daily reminders and prayers electronically with your community (via text or email), the download includes a plain text version.***

Please choose one of the licensing options below based on how many copies you wish to print for yourself and/or your community.