Creative resources for Lent (year b)

This Lent, we long for a faith that engages all of who we are—mind, body, heart and soul—and invites us to be present in our bodies and in the present moment. We remember the ways Jesus integrated his humanity and divinity to fulfill his radical ministry. Similarly, we too are invited to bring all of who we are to God, to live out the love that chooses to be embodied in us.

This bundle encompasses 7 multimedia resources to stir minds, bodies, hearts, and souls. Inspired by the EMBODIED theme, we have also worked closely from the Revised Common Lectionary scriptures for Lent (Year B). We hope you'll either make this theme your own, adapt it, or ditch it—it's entirely up to you. Since most of our resources are guided by the RCL, we hope they can be applicable to other themes/directions.

This season, may we see, sense, feel, and know the One who stepped into skin and ultimately rose beyond the grave so that everlasting love might live on—so that everlasting love might be embodied in you and me.

PS: Check out this recent newsletter to learn more about how we arrived at our EMBODIED theme and get some ideas for how to flesh it out throughout the Lenten season.

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$259 TOTAL BUNDLE VALUE (70 digital files)

Please Note: ALL RESOURCES ARE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download a .zip file. Download this file IMMEDIATELY, as this link expires within 24 hrs. The immediate download includes a password and link to a password-protected page where you can then access and download all of our Lent resources whenever you need them throughout the season.


{All of the following resources are included in the bundle, but each resource is also available separately for individual purchase}

1. EMBODIED Coloring Calendar + Devotional Guide


[Individual Price: $18-$85]

This 2-part devotional resource features a large mosaic-like design filled with 40 shapes to color day-by-day. The individual shapes hold imagery inspired by daily scripture (all the RCL Year B scriptures for Lent and Holy Week). Our Devotional Guide includes scripture, artist reflections, and embodied prayer prompts. We invite you to walk through each day of Lent reading the daily scripture, finding and coloring in the shape inspired by that text, reflecting on the artist's commentary, and offering a short prayer that engages mind, body, heart, and soul.

Download includes three size options for printing the Coloring Calendar as a large poster as well as a print-ready PDF file of the 26-page devo, formatted to print b/w on 8.5x11 sheets to fold into an 8.5 x 5.5 booklet. This is a great devotional resource for people of ALL ages (in fact, we get the most positive feedback from our senior and elderly friends) and we imagine families with children coloring the shapes and reading the daily reflections together.

[Individual Price: $25]

This short film explores what it means to relent in the midst of suffering and lament. Pairing time lapse imagery with the words of Psalm 31, this film could be offered as a visual lament in worship or used in bible study/discussion groups around similar themes.

Relenting is not a passive act; it is the surrender we come to when we bear all our pain— openly, honestly, angrily—before the One who can take it all.

—Lisle Gwynn Garrity

square 20.jpeg
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[Individual Price: $50]

This is a collection of 7 hand-drawn coloring posters inspired by the RCL gospel texts (plus Psalm 31) for the six Sundays in Lent (2018/Year B). Print the art as coloring posters (we provide 3 size options) to invite members of all ages to dig deep into these scriptures through color, line, and form. These are great for creating easy and meaningful community art together, either in worship, fellowship time, or study groups.

This collection also includes a specially-formatted file for printing all 7 posters (with artist statements and scripture) as an 8.5x11 coloring book. Print and distribute the coloring book to individuals in your community to use for personal reflection throughout the season.


[Individual Price: $30]

These graphics offer a visually engaging way for you to share our EMBODIED Lenten theme with your community. Download includes files for print and web so you can use them for projecting images and slides in worship, printing on bulletins, study materials, church publications, and advertising your worship on your website and online.

embodied visuals-3.jpg

[Individual Price: $40]

This is a collection of visual art inspired by RCL scripture texts for the six Sundays in Lent (Year B). Download includes files formatted for print and web/projection.Download includes files formatted for print and web/projection, as well as artist statements and a Visio Divina Bible Study Guide.

embodied prayers.jpg
embodied prayers-5.jpg

[Individual Price: $7]

This is a collection of 12 prayers inspired by our Embodied theme. Collection includes: prayers for embodiment, calls to worship, prayers of confession, prayer for illumination and prayer of gratitude. Some prayers are more poetic in nature; others are formatted as call/response for worship liturgy.

Print and distribute these prayers for your congregation to encourage the spiritual practice of prayer throughout Lent, and/or adapt them for your worship (with credit). If you are a pastor, you may also use these words to inspire your own liturgy and sermons.


[Individual Price: $20]

This Lent, create beautiful sanctuary art to illuminate the embodied theme. These designs by Hannah Garrity feature abstract imagery of mind, body, heart, and soul. We hope these designs (and our instructional materials) can simply be a starting point for you to create art and beauty that is uniquely your own. Gather a group and create together, for the creative process is just as meaningful as the final result.


Customize our promo film for your own church or community!

{Not included in bundle}

This short film pairs the art of bread-making with poetry by Sarah Are to explore the EMBODIED theme in a prayerful visual meditation.

We'd love to customize this film for your church/community to help you share the EMBODIED theme and invite folks to worship during the season of Lent. Once customized, you can share this film via your website, social media platforms, e-newsletters, and even worship—it's yours to have and use for as long as you wish. 

With purchase, you will fill out a form to send us your church/organization and worship information so that we can include that on the final slides to customize the film to your community. Please allow 5-7 business days for us to customize your order.

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