Again & Again Branding Bundle

Again & Again Branding Bundle


[This resource is one of many included in our Again & Again Lent Bundle for Year B]


Whether you are a church with a full-time communications staff or one whose pastor handles all communications (on top of everything else), this branding bundle provides everything you need to effectively share the Again & Again, A Lenten Refrain theme with your community. The download includes beautifully-designed logos, theme graphics, and original photography to support you in all your communication needs—online or in print. We also provide backgrounds, .png logo files, and a branding story to guide you in customizing the branding files for your needs.

We encourage you to use these branding materials in your communications throughout the season of Lent.

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“When discussing photography for the theme, we explored visual patterns found in nature and human design; however, we noticed that the expansiveness of the theme was minimized with any recognizable imagery. Therefore, we decided it best to capture movement and high contrast, while avoiding any particular subject matter. As I worked with typography for the words ‘Again and Again,’ I changed the ‘and’ to an ampersand, and became fixated on the visual flow of the shape. After many attempts of including imagery, as well as the word ‘again’ in the logo, it became clear that simplifying was the way to go. The ampersand became the main symbol and focal point of the branding. Visually, it has similarities to the infinity symbol or a music staff. It could represent our winding Lenten journey; the curves mimic the cycles of our faith, and the repetitive patterns that can both trap or ground us. Mostly, the ampersand emphasizes God’s holy ‘and.’ When we become weary from the motion blur chaos of our lives, God promises that there is always more to the story—death does not have the last word. We decided to place the motion blur photography inside the ampersand to represent how our brokenness, lament, and destructive cycles are part of our reality, but they don’t take up the entirety of the view. In the ampersand, in God’s sacred ‘and,’ the chaos is contained, held, and transformed into beauty with the light of sunrise on resurrection morning.”
—The Revs. Lauren Wright Pittman & Lisle Gwynn Garrity


  • 11 Again & Again logo files with the weekly sub-themes for Ash Wednesday–Easter Sunday (with files for print and projection).

  • 11 ready-to-customize graphics (with logo incorporated) to use as projection slides in worship or social media graphics online.

  • 5 background images for you to crop and create your own customized graphics.

  • 5 accent images (featuring motion blur photography by Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity) to be used as a design element.

  • Branding Guide PDF with a short written statement about the logo, info about color codes and the fonts used, as well as guidance on how to utilize the files online and in print.


Graphic design by Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman | Original photography by Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity | A Sanctified Art LLC |

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