You Are Worthy Print (Parable of the Fig Tree)

You Are Worthy Print (Parable of the Fig Tree)

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You Are Worthy
Block print with oil-based ink
By Lauren Wright Pittman
Inspired by Luke 13:1-9

Museum-quality poster made on thick, durable, matte paper. Unframed artwork will arrive rolled up in a protective tube.

Framing option available.

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Print Details:

  • Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper.

  • Paper is archival and acid-free.

  • Unframed prints arrive rolled up in a protective tube.

Frame Details:

  • Alder, Semi-hardwood frame

  • Black in color

  • .75” thick

  • Acrylite front protector

  • Lightweight

  • Hanging hardware included

  • Made in the USA

From the Artist:

How often does society wish us to feel like we are wasting soil? The whole capitalist system lurches forward, powered by our collective sense of unworthiness and our searching for worth based on what we produce. This parable upends the notion that we are what we produce, and speaks truth: you are worthy. You deserve rest and care simply for existing. What a gift!

In this image, I wanted the fig tree to look unremarkable, surrounded by the hands of the Gardener reaching down to lovingly massage the soil. The sleeves contain patterning of simplified visual references to everything a plant needs to not only survive, but to thrive. Starting close to the roots and moving upward, the patterns include water, air, sunlight, nutrients, and space. The emphasis in this image is on what is happening below the surface, in the depths of the dirt. The roots stretch toward the hands of the Gardener as the specks of dirt seem to also image the stars of the vast universe. Within us, despite what we produce, despite what can be seen at the surface, we contain multitudes. We bear the image of God, and our mere existence makes us worthy of Sabbath and the loving arms of the Gardener reaching out to provide us with everything we need.

On a personal note, the Full to the Brim theme keeps bringing me back to the image of resting while God reaches to embrace us. Lately I’ve spent so much time and energy fighting so hard to get some kind of tangible grasp of God, all the while feeling so empty. I’m realizing that I need to practice surrender, allowing God to find me where I am, and to receive God’s care and love, filling me to the brim so I can then be full to pour out once again.

—Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman

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