Why We're Supporting Separated Families at the Border


One of the fundamental tenets of our mission as a team is to use our art to serve others. We set free what we create, offering it into the hands of those who add new meanings and interpretations.

Our art is never ours alone. We offer it to the world, praying it might make an impact that ripples out beyond our grasp.

When preparing for our Mid-Summer Print launch, the crisis of migrant families and children being separated at the border filled the headlines, and our hearts broke. We knew it was time to use this little platform of ours to do something more.

We've decided to donate 25% of all print sales to Together Rising, a non-profit that raises funds to respond to crises as they emerge. Here's where you can learn how Together Rising has been distributing every penny of what they raise to respond to the current crisis at the US border. We'll be donating 25% of all print revenue acquired until July 25th, so we hope you'll consider purchasing some art or making a donation directly to Together Rising or another advocacy organization.

In case you're curious about our theology on this issue, here's a short, non-exhaustive list of very biblical reasons to welcome the stranger in your midst. After all, we follow in the footsteps of one who was born a refugee, one whose parents fled an oppressive, genocidal ruler, one who lived his first few years a stranger in a foreign land. 


"In a season full of gentle manger and nativity scenes, I wanted to also show a glimpse of what happens after Jesus' birth: Mary, Joseph, and their newborn fleeing to Egypt to escape the wrath of King Herod. I rendered them minimally, in strokes of black watercolor to emphasize this somber turn in the story. As the figures walk along a barren path, the infant’s eyes lock eyes with our own, as if Jesus, even as an infant, is insisting that we dare to see the humanity in the suffering and the refugee."
—Lisle Gwynn Garrity