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Unraveled: A worship series for when our plans fall apart

Last spring, we created a customizable worship series called, "Unraveled: Seeking God When Our Plans Fall Apart" about the ways God meets us in the unraveling of our lives to weave us into something new. We knew at the time that it was important, because sometimes our plans unravel into loose threads, and when that happens, we need to know God is near. We never expected a global pandemic.

Now as our churches, our cities, and our world are grappling with a new reality, the Unraveled series is even more relevant than we could have imagined.

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12 Hymns for our "Unraveled" Worship Series

We create so that YOU will create. Creativity begets creativity, after all.

When we released information about our Unraveled customizable worship series, a member of our community, Rev. Stephen Fearing, was inspired to write a hymn for each of the 12 scriptures in the series. He has graciously offered PDFs of these hymns (set to familiar tunes) for you to use in congregational worship and ministry settings. These hymns beautifully parallel the visual art and worship resources in our Unraveled bundle.

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