The Creation Confides Collection (4 Pack)

The Creation Confides Collection (4 Pack)

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Through burning bush, breaking dawn, bursting beginnings, and peaceful horizons, creation reveals glimpses of God. Creation is entrusted with the knowledge of God, and, in return, creation is confided to our care.

As our first ever variety pack greeting card collection, we're happy to introduce the Creation Confides Collection.

These cards are great for pastoral notes & messages of all kinds.

Limited edition collection—order fast while supplies last!

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  • Order includes variety pack of four 4"x6" greeting cards (1 of each cover art pictured above) with white envelopes 

  • Greeting cards are blank inside & include short artist's statement on back cover

  • Great for framing afterward!

Art Featured:

The Dawn of Justice
Art by Lisle Gwynn Garrity
Inspired by Joel 2: 1-2, 12-13; Isaiah 58: 5-8, 10

The cover art portrays a landscape filled with darkness and gloom inspired by Joel 2. Spirit-like clouds interweave throughout the dark shadows, representing God’s presence in the midst of hopelessness and doom. Isaiah 58 critiques fasts that are simply religious exercises meant to draw pity and attention, and instead calls us to fast for justice to feed the hungry and clothe the poor. When we fast for justice, then our light will break out like the dawn of a clear, bright day.

Holy Ground
Art by Lauren Wright Pittman
Inspired by Exodus 3: 1-15

“In the cover art, I imagine the leaves and flames of the burning bush image God’s words for Moses. I have depicted God’s message through symbols and imagery that start in the center and radiate out. The words in bold point to particular details I have rendered. I invite you to look for the ways God’s words might be translated visually: God’s eyes have seen the misery of God’s people. The Israelites have cried out in the midst of their oppression, and God knows their suffering. God’s hope is for Moses to bring the Israelites to a land flowing with milk and honey, and Moses will know it is God who called him when they are out of Egypt they shall worship God on this mountain (Ex 3:7-12).” —Lauren Wright Pittman

Let There Be
Art by Lauren Wright Pittman
Inspired by Genesis 1

“Genesis 1 has always moved in a radial fashion in my imagination. I decided to create rippling rings of creation, one building on the next, to show that the work of creation is not finished with God’s rest—the work continues. The work of creation doesn't end with Jesus' death—he still lives. The new creation has just begun to unfurl. We are called into the active and often difficult work of creating beauty in the world. Our act of continuing God’s creation is the act of bringing justice into the world. Beauty begets beauty.” —Lauren Wright Pittman

Highest of Hills
Art by Lisle Gwynn Garrity
Inspired by Isaiah 2: 1-5

The cover art blends sky and land to envision the world of Isaiah 2:1-5. The painting imagines a new horizon where sanctuary and peace are like the "highest of hills."