Light Wave Print (John 3:16)

Light Wave Print (John 3:16)

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Light Wave
Acrylic painting with gold leaf on canvas
By Lisle Gwynn Garrity
Inspired by John 3:14-21

Museum-quality poster made on thick, durable, matte paper. Unframed artwork will arrive rolled up in a protective tube.

Framing option available.

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Print Details:

  • Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper.

  • Paper is archival and acid-free.

  • Unframed prints arrive rolled up in a protective tube.

Frame Details:

  • Alder, Semi-hardwood frame

  • Black in color

  • .75” thick

  • Acrylite front protector

  • Lightweight

  • Hanging hardware included

  • Made in the USA

From the Artist:

My first memory of this passage is from writing “John 3:16” on my basketball shoes when I was in seventh grade, joining many of my teammates in blending our sport with our faith. I don’t remember knowing what the verse really meant, but my display of it was to make a statement about who I was—or at least who I desperately wanted to be. Like the branded clothes I wore, or the way I styled my hair, this was just another way to curate my middle school self-image. I wanted to show that I was good, that I fit in, that I believed in God. Later that basketball season, I added another sharpie pen tattoo to my basketball shoes: my mother’s initials and the dates of her birth and death, marking the 44 years she lived. After her funeral, my teammates added her initials and the dates of her life to their sneakers in solidarity.

Now I know that Jesus originally spoke these famous words to Nicodemus, perhaps whispering them amidst the hushed noises of the night. I wonder why Nicodemus came to Jesus in the first place? Had Jesus’ teachings uprooted his religious self-image, one carefully curated to project propriety and adherence to the law? Or had death recently left a sharp sting, unraveling his tidy beliefs, creating in him a well of desperate questions about eternal life?

Jesus speaks to him with poetry of promise: God didn’t send his son to judge the world, but so the world might be restored through him. For God so loved. For God so loves, that like light, God keeps traveling to reach us with that redeeming love. In this abstract painting, the gold leaf marks become like a wave gliding through the cosmos, moving endlessly until it reaches everything.

As I think back to those sharpie pen inscriptions on my basketball shoes, perhaps “For God so loved… so that everyone... will have eternal life” was the perfect companion to my mom’s initials.

—Lisle Gwynn Garrity

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