Lent Coloring Calendar + Devo Guide (26-50 copies)

Lent Coloring Calendar + Devo Guide (26-50 copies)


[This 2-part devotional resource is one of the resources included in our Year A Lent Bundle]


We have designed this Lenten Coloring Calendar and Companion Devotional Guide to help you build a daily rhythm of reading, reflecting, and coloring throughout the season of Lent. Using the Companion Devotional Guide, you are invited to read the daily scripture text (from the Revised Common Lectionary Year A) in your preferred translation, and identify and color in the coordinating shape on the Coloring Calendar.

As artists, we have written reflections on the daily scriptures and how the imagery inside the shapes are inspired by them. On Sundays (traditionally considered "Fast days" in Lent), we have included poem prayers by Sarah Are and prompts for Sabbath & weekly reflection. By Easter morning, you will have a fully-colored-in work of art documenting your journey through Lent. The completed, overall poster forms a resurrection image of the empty tomb from the smaller Lenten shapes and images.

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  • The Coloring Calendar formatted for print as a large coloring poster in 4 sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17, 18x24, 24x36 (NOTE: we highly recommend printing the calendar 18x24 and larger!)

  • Print-ready 26-page PDF of the Lent Devotional Guide for printing in black & white on 8.5x11 sheets of paper (pages are arranged to fold in half to become an 8.5 x 5.5 booklet)

  • One page printing guide for help printing the doc in Adobe Acrobat or Reader


While we include 8.5x11 and 11x17 sizes of the Coloring Calendar, we highly recommend printing the calendar at 18x24 or larger. The shapes are small to be manageable for daily coloring and the calendar is designed to be printed quite large. You can print black and white engineering prints at Staples for the following rates:

  • 18"x24" for $1.79/each

  • 24"x36" for $3.59/each

  • 36"x48" for $7.29/each


Print the Devotional Guide on 8.5x11 sheets to fold into an 8.5 x 5.5 booklet. Print the PDF under landscape orientation, double-sided, and choose "short edge to short edge," "flip to short edge," or "head to head" for the correct layout. The PDF is arranged so that you can easily fold the pages in half, staple or bind them down the middle, and voila! You have a beautiful devotional to guide you through Lent.

If you are interested in printing this devotional for your church or community (see other licensing options below), here are printing cost estimates for printing the Devotional Guide via Staples:

1 copy—$2.44
25 copies—$50.05
50 copies—$89.70
100 copies—$132.60
250 copies—$312.00
500 copies—$403.00

Lent Coloring Calendar + Devo Guide (101+ copies) lentresouces-51.jpg

Lent Coloring Calendar + Devo Guide (101+ copies)

Lent Coloring Calendar + Devo Guide (51-100 copies) lentresouces-3.jpg

Lent Coloring Calendar + Devo Guide (51-100 copies)

Lent Coloring Calendar + Devo Guide (1 copy for individual use) lentresouces-1.jpg

Lent Coloring Calendar + Devo Guide (1 copy for individual use)