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Unraveled: A worship series for when our plans fall apart

Last spring, we created a customizable worship series called, "Unraveled: Seeking God When Our Plans Fall Apart" about the ways God meets us in the unraveling of our lives to weave us into something new. We knew at the time that it was important, because sometimes our plans unravel into loose threads, and when that happens, we need to know God is near. We never expected a global pandemic.

Now as our churches, our cities, and our world are grappling with a new reality, the Unraveled series is even more relevant than we could have imagined.

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An Unexpected Turn—Art & Liturgy to Tell the Palms to Passion Story

The people we encounter during Holy Week are familiar to me. I’ve spoken their lines and embodied their shame, I’ve shouted their “Crucify him!” and heard it echo through the balcony. But Sarah brought new life and new perspectives into this story I know and love so well. When I read through the Wilderness Journey Palms to Passion worship service for the first time, it felt as though I was reading another book in the same series as an old favorite. Some of the characters I knew well. Some I had never heard until Sarah gave them voice. When Lisle suggested I work on a Holy Week art piece, I began with the people…

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Outside the Box: Serving Together as Artists-in-Residence

From January 27 to February 1, 2020, the whole Sanctified Art team traveled from their homes across the country to serve as artists-in-residence for the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators Annual Gathering in Little Rock, Arkansas. The theme for the week was “Getting Outside the Box,” and this experience was outside of Sanctified Art’s box. While we have all led retreats, presented workshops, or served as artists-in-residence individually, this unique opportunity blended the talents and passions of our team in a new way.

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